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The Top 5 Reasons You Should Niche Your Social Media Content

I know when I first started thinking about running a business on social media, I was super unsure about what to post on my page. I used to post about my yoga practice and my self care routine, which always performed well, and I’d post about projects I was working on hoping someone would inquire about working together.

When I finally picked a niche for all of my in-feed content, I was able to start creating content that effectively communicated my offer.

Here are my top 5 reasons for niching my content

  1. Visual Appeal: Its appealing to the eye when your entire Instagram feed has the same look and feel. Potential clients start to recognize your brand based on the way your images look on Instagram. Do the colors look the same, do you use the same fonts and colors when you post graphics, do you post consistently about similar topics? These are all factors to consider when creating your content.

  2. Promote Your Offer: It’s a really good idea to have everything on your feed offer some kind of value that drives your customer to want to purchase your product or service that way if they ever refer back to your page, they will be learning more about your offer and may feel called to inquire.

  3. Establish Expectations: When you start to niche your content all to one subject, related to what you do in your business, you start to subconsciously tell people what they can expect from your content and your business moving forward. Then they can make the decision to stay or leave as a follower, but if your content speaks to your ideal client and offers them some kind of valuable information they will definitely want to stay.

  4. Helps You Plan Content: Establishing the goals you want all of your content to achieve helps you plan your monthly content too. You eliminate the questions because you already have a specific focus.

  5. IG Stories Exist: The great thing about Instagram stories is they disappear after 24 hours! So if we want to post content that doesn’t fall within our niche, IG stories are a fantastic place to do so. In fact, it can help boost our engagement to show what we do in our day to day lives over our IG stories.

If you’re ready to make the commitment to create a consistent look and feel for your brand on social media, my Boho Bailey Branding for Social course is perfect for you. In this 4 week design/course/coaching hybrid, we will work together to create your social media content and a marketing plan that effectively sells your offer.

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