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The Importance of Strong Branding

Have you ever wondered what makes some of your favorite brands so recognizable and memorable?

It comes down to strong branding!

What is Branding?

Branding is the overall identity your brand has. Often times branding consists of your brand's logo, colors, fonts, graphic elements, imagery, language, tone of voice or any other elements used consistently to portray your brand.

Why is Branding So Important?

Having strong branding is important for the same reasons you remember some of these famous brands. Branding helps build recognition and trust from your audience. People find comfort in repetition and consistency because it starts to create familiarity for them. Most people don't like change and that's why it's important to establish a strong brand for your audience.

How Does Branding Take Shape?

Branding takes form across every platform for your brand.

  • Your website

  • Social Media

  • Podcast

  • Courses

  • Storefront

  • Ads (Print, Digital, Social, Billboards, Out Of Home, etc.)

  • Package Design

  • Customer Experience

  • More

Branding takes shape across literally every aspect of your brand–visually and audibly! All aspects of your brand should utilize the same colors, fonts, image styles, graphics, language, etc. This helps your audience to create that recognition and trust when they engage with your brand on multiple platforms.

It is important to be consistent here too. It may take a little while to start establishing brand trust and recognition from your audience. But once you establish your brand, there's no going back.

Happy Branding!

For More Support

For more support with your branding journey, check out my website baileymbain.com for opportunities to work together with social media, website or photos for your brand.

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