"I am on a mission to create a space
  of empowerment for Soulpreneurs to
  tap into their individual creativity
  when it comes to crafting their
  wellness brand."

Social Media Mindfulness Expert

New Beginnings

Ever since I was in high school doing odd jobs like painting a life-sized chef sculpture for a local pizza place, my dream job has been to be a freelance creative. I enjoy the fresh perspective that comes with being able to work on a variety of brands. I love building relationships with my clients to help bring their visions to life. But most of all I love the feeling that comes with seeing local businesses succeed with work I helped them create. I recently found myself in a position where I am able to pursue my dream career and really start doing what I love to do.

As a graduate of College for Creative Studies, I have quickly found my portfolio growing with work for big name brands like Chevrolet, Crayola and Snuggle Fabric Softener. While my experience working on these brands has been invaluable, I am really looking to use this opportunity to embark on what I am most passionate about—my Michigan roots.

I am eager to work with local brands and entrepreneurs that share similar visions to help tell their brand stories across digital media like web, social media, photography and graphics.

So here I stand with an open road ahead of me. My backpack full of knowledge, experience and skillsets ready to embark on the next part of my journey. Let’s walk together and talk about your brand visions for 2020.


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I am a Social Media Mindfulness Expert supporting Soulpreneurs on their business journey by helping them craft a custom content creation routine that aligns with the soul purpose of their brand.

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