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My Favorite Social Media Scheduling Apps

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no cost to you, I will earn credit if you make an account or a purchase from the links.

Gone are the days that I scramble to figure out what I want to post on my social media pages. Since I started working as a freelance designer, I’ve developed a routine for creating and planning my content every month.

The last part of the process is scheduling everything for auto post.

Here are a few of my favorite apps for content planning

Planoly: Planoly is a third party app that allows you to auto-post up to 30 images per month to Instagram. The paid version allows more access, like unlimited posts and Facebook and Pinterest auto-posting from the same app, but you can still make due with the free version. To create your account, click here: https://www.planoly.com/referral/baileymbain

Facebook: Facebook comes equipped with an unlimited auto-post feature. Just write your post as normal and instead of clicking the post button, click the calendar button and schedule when you’d like your post to go out.

Pinterest: Pinterest also has a built in scheduler for up to 2 weeks of advanced content. The process is very similar to Facebook, proceeding as normally creating a post and simply changing the scheduled date & time.

It’s really helpful to build these kinds of tools right into the app. I’m curious how long it will take or if Instagram will ever decide to allow auto-posting in the app. Only time will tell!

Imagine taking a weekend off knowing you have an entire month of content already planned out and ready for auto-post?

That’s exactly what we will create in my Boho Bailey Branding for Social course. We will work together to create your social media content and a marketing plan that effectively sells your offer.

Apply now at baileymbain.com/bohobaileyapply. And remember, applying does not equal commitment. 💖

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