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7 Lessons I've Learned From Quarantine

Amidst all of the panic and anxious energy, this pandemic was a time for change on so many levels. And it's definitely taught me a few lessons.

1. Mission Eliminate Food Waste. All of the grocery trips to prepare for lockdown with trip after trip to store after store trying to find chicken just made me realize that I will never take for granted having food in the house again. There have absolutely been times I didn't feel like cooking dinner and I let a perfectly good package of chicken breasts go bad. I will never ever ever ever do that again. I felt ashamed of it then and it disgusts me now.

2. Why Things Sometimes Don't Work Out. Some things started to make sense why the Universe never let me have some of the things I really wanted. I interviewed for a couple of jobs last year/early this year that I really wanted and it didn't really make sense why the Universe wasn't aligning with me then, but as time goes on it all starts to make sense. I am extremely grateful to not only be working for myself, but to have a sense of job security during this time has been a miracle.

3. How to Feel Into my Empathic Abilities. I've always been a sensitive being, but heightening that ability is something I've been wanting to do and this experience is certainly enabling that. I've had to adapt to navigating the energy and anxiety around me. It's come with a great realization of self and really turning to my self care practices.

4. Be True to Your Self Care. When you feel anxious and uprooted, it's so important to find self care practices to help you feel grounded and calm during these times. When you find the tools that work for you, you have a kit to carry with you for when things do get tough. I find yoga and meditation therapeutic. I practice daily even when times are well because it gives me a set of skills to use to calm me down when times do get chaotic. Also it's okay to need a break to take the time for these practices!

5. Choose to See the Power in Community. It's so easy to get sucked into the negativity surrounding the situation, but it truly is a matter of perspective. Of course, be mindful of the dangers around you, but also admire what our fellow community members are doing to uplift each others spirits and take care of our loved ones. I have seen an outpour of support come from all over. It's a continuous reminder of how great the world can be if we all stick together.

6. Kindness is Just as Contagious as Fear. Again, it's all about how you choose to look at the situation. Choose to be kind and calm instead of feeling uprooted in fear.

7. People Appreciate Authenticity. Be honest with the people around you and reach out for support if you need it. Even though things are okay for me, I still had a rough patch. It was extremely helpful for me to reach out to the people around me and talk to them about what was going on. Both in my personal and professional lives. Being authentic with my clients when I was overwhelmed helped them be more understanding of our situation.

I'd love to know how you're holding up in quarantine. What thoughts and emotions have surfaced for you? Have you experienced any of the same feelings? Let's talk!


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