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Chevy Trick-Or-Treat

Halloween has been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember. There's just something about the crispness of the air, the sweet smell of assorted candy and the spooky decorations. Honestly, I would still go trick-or-treating if I could.

Our team was challenged to come up with an engaging way to interact with our audiences on Chevrolet's social media rather than just posting a generic pumpkin post.

We saw an opportunity on Facebook–seeing that we had 6 different pages across the Chevrolet brand–to send our audiences trick-or-treating across all 6 of our Facebook pages.

We created a virtual neighborhood to send our audience trick or treating through. Using the personas of the audience on each of the pages, we imagined a garage that would match their demographic. For example, on the Chevrolet page, we chose to showcase the Equinox, which is a family vehicle. So when we showed the Equinox in it's garage, we wanted to make sure it looked like a family home with kids' bikes and sidewalk chalk lining the driveway.

For each channel, we created a video. The intro briefly showed the neighborhood, then took the viewer into the according garage to reveal a trick or a treat in the Halloween message. When the garage door closed, a question was prompted referring back into the garage they had just saw and the viewers were told to go to the next page. When our audience answered the questions in the comments, a few of them were chosen to win prizes that were mailed to their house!

The best part is, some of the prizes given out were actually shown in the garages themselves. Like the clock on the back wall of the Camaro garage.

Overall, our trick-or-treat posts reached over 600k organic impressions and we sent out 25 gifts to our fans. But perhaps the biggest win of all was the team being recognized for our hard work by winning a Shorty Award and being nominated for a D Show Award.

Happy Halloween!


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