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Anatomy of an Instagram Bio

They say how you present yourself is how people view you and the same is certainly true when it comes to social media. When a potential customer looks at your Instagram bio, it should give them an accurate snapshot of your business.

5 components to include in your Instagram bio to communicate your brand

IG Name: This is not to be confused with your Instagram handle (or username—this is how people @mention you). It is simply the space where you put your name on your profile.

This section is important to note, because it is going to show up at the top of your messages when you interact with somebody as well as the top of your profile when people look there.

A good rule of thumb is to include your first name and a little bit more about what you do or who you are. This may be your professional title or have something to do with your service offering.

For example, instead of having Bailey M. Bain as my name on my personal account, I changed it to Boho Bailey Branding, since it includes my name and tells that my service offerings are related to branding.

Another way to do it would be Bailey | Design & Marketing Strategist

What You Do: It’s important to communicate what you do in your business as well. If Instagram’s category already describes what you do well, you may choose to let your business category speak for itself.

For example, if you’re specifically a graphic designer, then your Instagram category is likely fine to let speak for your brand. However, if your business category is more broad like “designer” or “artist” then it’s probably a good idea to specify in your description what type of designer or artist you are.

Who You Help: A really subtle but effective tool for creating trust from your ideal clients is calling out how you specifically work with them.

For my personal brand, I work with Spiritual Entrepreneurs to design & strategize their wellness branding. Calling that out in my Instagram bio tells a wellness professional right away that I have something to offer them in some way during this social interaction.

Credibility: If you still have enough space, it’s a really good idea to include a small tidbit about something that makes you credible to help your ideal client in this area.

Often times you see yoga teachers put their training hours in their bio, or “20 years experience” for a seasoned practitioner.

Personally, I have a BFA in Advertising Design, which gives me credibility to do design work. I’ve worked on Chevrolet’s social media team, which is good experience in the realm I help my clients in. So including a small piece of info like this, helps your ideal client trust you when making the decision to work with you.

Your Offer: Finally a great way to get your ideal client to take action on clicking that link in your bio is creating an irresistible offer for them.

Be reasonable here! One of my biggest mistakes starting out was offering a freebie that was way too big and I ended up losing money. Think about something you can offer your ideal clients to build a relationship with them.

It could be a free downloadable guide that helps them in some aspect of their business, a free discovery call or really any small offer that starts to show them a little taste of what it’s like to work with you.

The Challenge: 150 character limit

The biggest challenge, of course, is fitting all of this information into 150 characters.

My favorite rule of thumb for accomplishing this is using the “I help (ideal client) do (the end goal your client will achieve after working with you) + Free Service Offering” formula.

“I help #SpiritualEntrepreneurs design & strategize their dream wellness brand. 🌿

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