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5 Adjustments When You Feel Overwhelmed

Quarantine: The magical time we have all been given to either rest or create.

Or so we think.

What happens when we start feeling pressured to be productive? When we start comparing ourselves to the people around us? When we feel anxious about how little we have gotten done?

In the past month, I've had all of these feelings.

I've been finishing up client projects with requests coming at me left and right and I let it get the best of me. I wasn't paying attention to any boundaries I had set. I was cranking from sun up to sun down to finish every single request that came through my inbox, maintain my house, take care of my family and I was slaying them all!

But I wasn't taking care of the most important thing I own. Myself.

I started implementing a few tricks to get myself back on track this week and I've gotten more done and more positive feedback in this one week, than I have in the last 2 months combined.

5 Adjustments When You Feel Overwhelmed:

1. Put Your Phone Down: The single best piece of advice I can give is to stop consuming content when you are trying to create content. If you eliminate the distraction of who or what you're comparing yourself to, there's nothing left to compare to but YOU!

2. Be Authentically YOU: Remember each one of us has our own special gifts and our own unique voices. For every one of us out there creating a product or service that we believe in, there is a personalized audience out there who resonates with our message.

3. Strategically Schedule Your Day: Do you use a planner? What do your to-do lists look like? Try to keep them at a reasonable length only including 1 or 2 projects per day to work on from start to finish before starting another project. This helps eliminate any overwhelm of trying to accomplish too many tasks at once.

4. Move Around: They say your attention span is only about as long as your age in minutes. So if you're 7 years old, you have a 7 minute attention span. If you're 23 you have a 23 minute attention span. Use this to your advantage. Get up every so often to refill your water, maybe put a load of laundry in and then return to your task feeling refreshed.

5. Take Breaks: Similar to moving around, taking breaks is very important. I for one have a habit of not giving myself adequate rest time. Even when I do yoga, I find myself leaving off savasana. But when we stop and turn our minds off for a little while, they can actually work harder and more effectively for us when we return to our tasks.

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