"I am on a mission to create
  a space of empowerment for
  Soulpreneurs to tap into their
  individual creativity when it
  comes to crafting their
  wellness brand."


Boho Bailey
Branding Studio

I'm an Empath

As a designer with multiple focus areas looking to incorporate my trainings in yoga and mindfulness, I resonate with you as a Soulpreneur who wears many hats!

I know you have several healing modalities that go into your wellness business and I've learned some tricks along the way to help structure cohesive branding and content creation along the journey.

That's why I created this space to set you up for success on your creative journey.

How can I empower you?

A space for Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Wellness Professionals to gain the tools, knowledge and confidence to execute their dream wellness brand without the ongoing help of a design and marketing team.


for Social

In this 4 week course, we will work together to craft your social media self care routine and create a custom visual style and a strategy to enhance your brand's social media presence.


for Web

I believe creating a new website is very much a spiritual journey, just like buying a new house. There is so much energy that goes into it and looking at a site, your audience should be able to capture the essence of you.

No matter what phase your website project is in, I can help you create a beautifully branded site that is easy to navigate and clear to comprehend.



You came into your healing journey with a mission and intentions for yourself and when you made the commitment to share your practices to heal others, you brought your passion and drive along with you. 

The truth is, we all have our own unique way of doing things because our energy shines through everything we do. I am passionate about helping you capture your unique energy to share with your audience.

How Can I Empower You?

Find out if we are a good match to work together.

My Portfolio

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"Working with Bailey has always been a fun, comfortable and pleasurable experience."


"Much love & gratitude to Bailey M. Bain for creating my brand, helping to answer my million silly questions, designing my website and just being such an awesome, good hearted, beautiful soul to work with!"

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On Social Yet?

I am a Social Media Mindfulness Expert supporting Soulpreneurs on their business journey by helping them craft a custom content creation routine that aligns with the soul purpose of their brand.

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