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A Michigan made, creative spirit passionate about combining my loves for design and holistic healing.

I earned my BFA in Advertising Design from College for Creative Studies in 2018 and from there landed an Art Director position on Chevrolet's Social Media team. I went freelance full time in the beginning of 2020.

I'm your go-to girl for all things social media and Boho Branding. 

having the confidence to execute your wellness brand flawlessly without the continuing help of a
design and marketing team.

Our brand identity is like our visual language.
I've been learning to speak mine for years, so now that I am fluent, I can't wait to help you learn yours.

On Social Media

In Photographs

And Online


“I was able to use
the pics from our
last shoot for my
new sales page!
They fit with the theme beautifully, thank you so much!”

— Alyssa of Aura Awakening

“I've had the honor and pleasure to work with and get to know [Bailey] while she helps me with my brand and website. She is a kick-a$$ designer and I highly recommend this multi-talented, magnificent lady!”

— Jenneffer of Zen Jen's Den

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I help spiritual entrepreneurs design and strategize
their dream branding to bring their wellness brand visions to life.

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